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CHADD - Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ASPEN - Asperger Autism Spectrum Education Network

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my child attend the Camp Excel Summer Program for just one or two weeks?
    A: Camp Excel is a therapeutic program in nature and it is our experience that many of our campers often need a week or two simply to adjust to the transition. Some children are just beginning to make connections with peers after one or two weeks. They need the additional time to develop those relationships and practice the social skills they have learned at the program. 
  2. How is transportation arranged?
    A: Camp Excel Summer Program
    Transportation is provided from central pick-up points. The fee for transportation is included in the tuition. We make every effort to accommodate our families’ transportation needs. Children are transported in 15 passenger vans, 7 passenger vans or automobiles. All drivers have a Commercial Driver’s License and undergo fingerprinting and background checks. In addition to the driver, each vehicle has at least one aide. Both drivers and aides are Camp Counselors.Camp Excel Saturday Program- Transportation is not available for the Camp Excel Saturday Program.
  3. Are there any funding options available to assist with the cost for the Camp Excel program?
    A: There may be some limited funding options available depending on the child and the family’s particular circumstances. Please call for more information (732)-282-0150.
  4. What should I know about meals for Campers?
    A: The Camp Excel Summer Program provides campers with breakfast and an afternoon snack. Campers can bring lunch. Lunches will not be refrigerated and microwaves are not available. Campers also have the option to purchase lunch Monday – Thursday and most Fridays.  If a child has specific dietary restrictions, parent’s are encouraged to provide their own snacks and lunch.
  5. What is your medication policy?
    A: The Camp Excel Summer Program has a full-time nurse on staff. The nurse is available to administer medications and attend to any other medical needs of the children. Medication must be delivered to camp by the parent/guardian, and must be in the original prescription container. We also require a doctor’s order to administer medication.
  6. How do I get to Camp Excel?
    A: Visit our Contact page here for directions to both locations.
  7. Is your Camp nut freel?
    A: Camp Excel rents our facility and shares a kitchen with other programs and therefore we cannot guarantee a nut free facility/kitchen . However, we do request that you do not send in food or snacks to camps with nuts, peanut oil or nut byproducts.


This has been a tremendously important experience for our son and for us and may well have made it possible for him to have a successful transition back into school after being out of school for 3 ½ months in the spring. We are tremendously grateful. The parent group was exceptional; Kathy is an amazing facilitator .

We were very happy with how Camp Excel was run and the feedback that we received daily. Our son loved going to camp daily and got prepared for camp in the morning like we had never seen before!

Gracie loved Camp Excel, and asked to go back “every year”. We were thrilled too—she had a wonderful summer, due in large part to Camp Excel. Thank you!

My daughter had a great summer! I’ve noticed a big difference in how she interacts with other kids at the playground.

The only thing that would make Camp Excel better is if it never ended.

Camp Excel is the single best thing I have ever done for my child.

Great program, wonderful counselors!!

I would like to thank you. You have no idea what a gift you have given my son. Camp Excel is an answered prayer.

Our first year at camp and we all loved it! Scheduling, activities, counselors were amazing. Loved the feedback given on the social skills assessment. Also liked the parent meetings. So nice to have the opportunity to meet with other parents in the same situations. We’ll most definitely be back next year. Thanks for all your help and guidance.